Let Lehua guide you on your dressage journey!

Lehua operates out of 3 facilities in Little Ranches, in Wellington and is happy to come to any facilities within Loxahatchee or Wellington to help you and your horse. She also will travel for clinics as available.

Backing services to elite performance packages tailored to your needs.

Extensive sales and preparation experience.

Lehua offers experience in para coaching services.

Short, Mid and Long Term Accommodations in Wellington are Available!

Contact Lehua for availability–we’ll find you an opportunity to experience the magic of Wellington!

Did you know that Lehua offers live lessons virtually?

All you need is a cell phone!

Lehua will help guide the lesson so she can see all the movements and coach you through every step! A perfect way to take lessons and progress from the comforts and convenience of your own facility!